Aircraft Specialty Flightlines is a partnership between Aircraft Specialty and TS Flightlines, the worldwide leaders in Conductive Teflon Hose Assemblies and cnc bent Rigid Tube Assemblies for aircraft.

In our commitment to offer our customers and OEM partners the most advanced capabilities in the industry, we operate out of 3 seperate facilities.  We have 2 facilities in WI (including one dedicated production only facility), and one in SC.

We operate the following equipment.  

1. CNC Mill

2. CNC Lathe

3. CNC Router

4. CNC Laser

5. 3 Hose Crimpers, including one fully automatic CNC hose crimper

6. NC Tube Bender

7. Full CNC Tube Bender

8. Computerized Tube Cutting and measuring equipment

9. CMM Machine for reverse engineering directly into Solidworks

10.  Multiple CAD/CAM software packages, included dedicated tube reverse engineering software

For videos dedicated to some of our capabilities, please click here.